Viral Vid – Google Glass

Google glass is being touted by Google as the next big thing, whether […]

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9 Cool Minimalistic Ads

We’d like to share with you some of our favourite minimalistic ads that we found on the internet. Some creativity and cleverness goes a long way!


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What is Social Media, Exactly?

Social Media is a word that is thrown around a lot lately, but what is it, exactly? Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn come to mind, but it’s important to remember that social media isn’t about any particular group of websites, it’s about how media is being created by everyone, including people that have no training in creating media at all.

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I bet you’re wasting time right now – ‘Procrastination – The Musical’

So I found this when I was procrastinating.

We’ve all done it. You could be doing it. You’re probably should get back to work.

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Case Study: Man Therapy

This is the first of out Case Study series that we’ll be doing on advertising campaigns on the web that we find exceptionally innovative, effective, and brilliant in one way or another. Without further ado,the first case: Man Therapy!
What is Man Therapy?

Man Therapy was a campaign to encourage men who might need it to seek psychiatric help. Men, for many reasons, have much higher suicide rates than women do in general throughout the world. In the USA, where the campaign is aimed at, this is particular apparent, with men being four times as likely to commit suicide than women. There are many reasons why this is so. It could be because men are more successful than women at committing suicide due to choosing more lethal methods. […]

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How To Get A Username For Your Facebook Page

Do you want to give a shorter/ nicer URL to your customers and friends for your Facebook page? Instead of something like this: you prefer something similar to our Facebook page:

A shorter URL is easier to share with people and also easier to place on marketing materials, such as brochures or business cards.

This tutorial will show you how to quickly get a unique username for your Facebook page. Please note that once you choose it, you’ll get both the short form ( and long form ( URL of the username.

1) Login to your Facebook account and go to your Facebook page. Click ‘Edit Page’ in the Admin Panel and select ‘Update Info’.

2) You should already be on the ‘Basic Information’ page, if not click that link on the left sidebar. Once on the page, click ‘Create a username for this page?’ […]

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10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology

Ultimately, social media isn’t about technology, it is about psychology. People, ultimately, go […]

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How Social Media Has Changed The World

In a time when images and videos taken on mobile phones are causing uprisings across the Middle East, or when more people across the world know what Facebook is rather than the date of births of their parents and loved ones, you could argue we truly have become a more ‘social’ world.

However I would use this term in a more untraditional sense, where social no longer means greetings between neighbours, smiles and chats with strangers in the park, but more so a dependence on social networks to interact, to gather and share information, all at the click of a mouse.
What Is Social Media Anyway?
I’ve often encountered people who when asked how they would define social media and they would proudly reply ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’! While this is somewhat correct, these 2 websites only make up part of what social media really is,  although a very big part of it.

But in fact, if you just look at the 2 words above and break it down, social media is just that, media that is shared or interacted with in a social manner. This includes blogs, YouTube, Instagram, popular social networks, pod casts and even regular websites.
Definition aside, the key fact is that people are sharing more than ever before, be it pictures of food, of their kids, injustice, police brutality, concerts, the list goes on and on.

So maybe the question shouldn’t be ‘What Is Social Media?’ but more so ‘How Do I Get On The Social Media Band Wagon?’ […]

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What Do Colours Say About Your Business Or Brand? [Infographic]

Creating your first logo, coming up with the design for your first shop or restaurant – all important first steps in starting your business, or giving it that much needed face lift.

But did you ever stop and wonder how the colour you chose could influence what people thing about your business or your brand? The creators of the infographic below, Marketo describe how and why they chose the colours of their brand:
Research has found that different colors provoke very different reactions in people. Marketo choose to use the color Purple for branding because at the time Marketo was founded, purple was relatively un-used. Additionally, purple represents wealth, royalty, and richness which also has associations to leadership and revenue. […]

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How To Create A Facebook Page For Yourself Or Your Business

If you haven’t already done so, or are marketing your business through a personal Facebook profile, then it’s time you got yourself a Facebook page. Even if you’re a personality, like a speaker, trainer, celebrity etc., you’ll want to setup a Facebook page so that you can separate your real friends from your ‘fan’ friends. For a business, it’s a must because a Facebook page allows you to market considerably better, through the use of apps, such as contest apps, newsletter sign up apps while also allowing more information on the page itself. It’s a very simple process which we’ll run through below. […]

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